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Protect your Hearing. Professional and built for musicians


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Alpine Hearing Protection has won the Red Dot Award 2015 for the design of its latest earplugs all produced in the Netherlands. The jury of this prestigious design price applauded the “high quality and the innovative ability” of the earplugs. The Revolutionary earplug model – twenty years of experience have allowed Alpine to develop a revolutionary new earplug model with a noise filter that filters out damaging sounds. The extremely well thought-out and extensively tested shape of the earplugs, provides a natural flat absorption and a perfect fit. The high quality acoustic filters in PartyPlugs hearing protection reduce the volume of music to a safe level, like turning down the volume button. Your music experience as well as the sound quality of the music remains excellent. Naturally, you can keep talking to your friends. By wearing PartyPlug earplugs when you go out, you prevent that irritating high pitch noise in your ears. PartyPlug hearing protectors are made of special AlpineThermoShape material. This material adapts to the shape of the ears so that you always have the perfect level of noise attenuation. They are also very comfortable to wear. There is no sense of isolation or external pressure on your ears. AlpineThermoShape is hypoallergenic. This means you will not experience itching in or around your ears, as is often the case with silicone earplugs: you can wear Alpine PartyPlugs the entire night. In addition to a practical storage container, every PartyPlug pack also contains an easy to use Alpine Miniboxx. You can take this ideal mini storage container with you when you go out and you can open it with one hand (while holding a pint in the other…). The Miniboxx easily fits into your trouser pocket, handbag, bra, or sock. The Package contains – two universal thermoplastic hearing protectors, two acoustic filters, Alpine Miniboxx and plastic carrying case.

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  • Protects up to 25 dB – no more ringing or peep in your ears
  • Music quality remains optimal thanks to AlpineAcousticFilters™ with no more ringing in your ears
  • Perfect fit because of soft AlpineThermoShape™ material
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