Jim Dunlop Classical Guitar Set


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A set of 6 classical guitar strings by jim dunlop


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Dunlop Classical Strings are designed to achieve tonal balance, smooth tactile feel, and the wide dynamic range required by classical guitarists. The bass strings feature a high grade silver-plated copper wrap surrounding a nylon core for increased fundamental, playability and focused low end. Our treble strings are made of Dupont Tynex® for consistency, ease of tuning, and a warm but singing tone.

All strings come packaged in specially treated envelopes which release a molecular layer of anti-rust protection onto the string. Extensive testing has shown dramatic results in protecting and extending the life of Dunlop Strings.

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Jim Dunlop

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Premiere Series Gauges

Description E B G D A E
Premiere BE 28 32 40 29* 35* 43*
Premiere SE 28 32 40 29* 35* 43*
Concert SE 28 32 40 29* 35* 43*
Concert SE 29 32 41 30* 36* 44*

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